This is the schedule of my upcoming Tantra Workshops and it is updated frequently.
If you are inquiring about a workshop that isn't listed here pleasee-mailme.

Shama is currently healing a bout with tonsil cancer and is not sure when she will be planning her next events. She is confident that with the power of Source in partnership, she will have a full recovery in record time. She asks for your prayers and any other support you can offer as costs are high for supplements and alternative treatments, and she prefers to avoid radiation and chemo if at all possible. She lives very modestly and is not doing a lot with promoting business at this time as healing from cancer is a full time job! . Donations can be made and will be most appreciated at

However, she is still seeing clients for private sessions!
Check out the sessions page for more info!

You can follow her journey on her blog: Discovering The Gifts Of Cancer at her other site:
And your encouraging comments will be most apreciated!



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