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The Gift Of Presence

I have always felt safe in Shama's presence. She is one of those rare people who can hear the unspeakable spoken and be trusted with it absolutely. She is impeccable that way. Her healing and knowledge extend into all the tangents of sexuality, indeed of life. I am, as a result of her expertise and loving support, more accepting of myself, more confident, more peaceful and open with my partner. Her love of her subject is contagious.


Holistic Healing

Shama has an extraordinary ability to very quickly discern a person’s anxieties in their relationships, both the relationship that the client has with himself/herself (most important), but also with the interpersonal dynamics between that person and how he/she interrelates with others.  Through employing a holistic array of therapeutic and sensual techniques (i.e., tantra, active listening and sharing, massage, discussion of readings and homework, etc.) , Shama proactively helps an individual to self-actualize sexually, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I highly recommend Shama  for others seeking  help and insight into their relationships so that they can empower themselves to lead a more fulfilling life,  complete with happiness, pleasure and inner contentment. Her website and her blog are wonderful samples of her insightful intelligence into important problems that impact a person, and her individual sessions customize her insight to fit the individual.


Dreams Do Come True
Make a wish and Shama will make it a reality.

In my case I have been suffering for years with a bad back and hip. Medical science only understands cutting and more pain. With only a couple of sessions my back and hip improved dramatically. After a session the pain would be gone for days. Shama caring bodywork and acupressure is the gentlest I have ever experienced. Her counseling, guidance and sincere wish in helping me with my problems only enhances my recovery. You will love the serine quiet environment, but most of all you will never forget her smile.


Inner Peace and Serenity

I am so glad that I had the fortune of meeting you. Our sessions have brought me a sense of inner peace in concert with new excitement and vigor. I entered your world of serenity and left, taking so much of it with me. Your sanctum is peaceful, comfortable, and inviting. I have met with many other healers and teachers, but my experience with you, left me feeling that you truly cared, and the love shows in so many ways. My only regret is our physical distance from each other, making our time together infrequent.


Constructive Truth

In the 5 sessions with Shama, she produced both a personal, safe and effective environment to become aware of my self expressions. Her sessions are professional, friendly, yet direct to issues. I like most is her affectionate confrontation to floating issues which are always nurtured and risen with clarity. She operates with full integrity and helps identify unfinished conversations on both emotional, physical and spiritual levels. In all, it was a healing experience. I learn trust through closer of my emotions, feelings and energy with others. She is most enthusiastic and genuine about those she's with. I definitely felt valued during the time we worked together.


Warmth, Safety and Healing

Shama is an excellent teacher, who provides a warm, safe and healing environment. I found her to be very caring and supportive, and what I learned from her has enriched many areas of my life. What I loved most about working with her was that she gave me total permission to be myself. Tears and laughter were equally appropriate and she was able to share both with me in a truly heartfelt way. I recommend her very highly as a teacher."

You are so sweet to spread your love to so many. I hope your evening is filled with love that is equal to the love you so generously broadcast to others.



As for me alone, I want to bless your feet for standing up for what you believe, for balance and uprightness, for mobility and motion. I want to bless you're your head for the thoughts you think, for the words you speak, for creative nature. I want to bless everything in between for how you appear to the world around you, your sensibility, sensuality, warmth and spirit. If half of who you send love to return the love back to you again, you are a most blest woman.


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Digging Deeply and Powerfully

In the last year and a half I have been helped in many ways by Shama. Her spirit and energy are beautiful. She appreciates and honors the person she is with. In our sessions she has given generously her gifts of healing emotionally, spiritually and physically. Through my time with her she has helped me to more fully understand and appreciate my sensual self through sharing herself in many dimensions. We have explored and she has helped me reach beyond my previously known bounds to experience love in a more complete unencumbered way.

With Shama I also have been able to easily and openly discuss emotional issues that have held my focus and not allowed me to accept with pleasure the person I am. I have been drawn to a stronger, clearer, more energized understanding of myself and grown in appreciation of my goodness, love and ability to share my gifts with others.

As a result of the times I have spent with Shama I am a broader more open and understanding person. It is a wonderful feeling and Shama has the ability to bring that love, care, and concern to those she interacts with, along a strong sense of respect and love. She will empower you and you will grow.



Emotional Release and Healing

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful session I had with you. I did have an emotional release that has allowed me to let myself grow closer to my partner. I've been working on me allowing me success in my life and not condemning myself to a meager existence because of my guilt at not being able to save my daughter from herself. I let myself cry which was the best thing I could ever have done. Thank you for making me feel comfortable enough that I was able to open up my heart and let the refreshing winds of forgiveness blow through. Anyway thank you and Namaste'



Deserving Of Love

Sorry it has taken me a while to respond to you. I have been doing really, really well since our session, and I'm very happy I went through with the experience and allowed myself the opportunity. I just feel so much more open to possibilities in my life, and I'm grateful for your warmth and support in creating a sacred moment.

The best thing about our experience together was my accepting the reality of having love in my life and experiencing that special connection with a mate. I had buried that somewhere under a heavy, heavy rock. Thanks for helping me recover a bit of lost treasure!:) You are a unique, creative soul that reaches out to heal....I am so grateful.

With love,

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Experience The World Differently

I want to thank you for our session Saturday. Very enlightening! When I left the Temple I felt different and perceived the world around me differently. I am inspired by your wisdom and enhanced by your beauty. I will call you Monday for another appointment. I already miss being in your presence.



Healing Hands

I can't tell you how healing it was yesterday being kneaded beneath your loving hands. I really needed it! As you intuited. And I've been buzzing ever since. Your touch, the permission and encouragement you gave me to release the pain, loss, grief I've been carrying, the remaindering of my body you gifted me with brings tears to my eyes. Your generosity of spirit was and is a gift I cherish and will be forever grateful for. I'm softer, wetter, looser....and more available to my partner. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



Refreshed and Renewed

I just wanted to thank you for what you did for my partner last week. He came home looking and feeling like a new man. You're an angel and I really appreciate your generosity in giving him exactly the kind of loving attention he needed. I'm sure you knew instinctively what that was, which is your special gift, dear friend.

With my love and gratitude,


Finding The Missing Pieces

Yesterday was an awesome eye/mind opening experience. What I gained from you was much much more valuable than my expectations, which is going to last me a lifetime. I truly value & cherish our meeting.

I had heard earlier that sex was a small part of tantra and there is much more to it. But for whatever reason I did not pursue it. Maybe I wasn't ready for it. I had similar bits & pieces of information tucked away in my head the significance of which had not dawned one me. You put in the missing ones (and then some!) and glued them all in the right place. And from the resulting understanding, what I am gaining is giving me much peace, coherence and the knowledge that "acceptance" of duality (good/bad; darkness/light; beauty/ugliness, etc) has so much power to it. It is beginning to remove some of the frustration I feel and is making me more accepting of people/events/life without passing a judge mental value (mostly negative) on them. Thank yo you I feel if I continue to investigate & learn tantra then life holds tremendous possibilities. I truly appreciate what you have done for me.

Once again, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for your divine guidance.

BTW I forgot to mention that you have a beautiful name. I am sure you know the meaning of Shama, which is "flame".

S. M.

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It's such a wonderful pleasure to hear from you! Not a day goes by I don't remember those two wonderful hours you showed me. Our session has been so very helpful in teaching me to focus on moving energy through my body. Missing you,


Transformational Awareness

Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. You have opened a blind man's eyes. The time, the tenderness, the caring that you gave of yourself was transforming. You have opened a new awareness in me that I could never have found without your loving kindness. I look forward to our future sessions of learning and exploration.

Thank you for honoring me with all that you are and helping me to realize that which I have always sought.



Feeling Activates!

Thank you for being there and for having the courage to help me face struggles in my life. It takes a special kind of person to be able to guide and share yourself with another in order to touch those spiritual points. I had a wonderful time and do look forward to our next time together. I want you to know that I really am so happy there are woman in the world like you who have such courage and strength to be teachers. It has given me somewhere to turn to and you have already been a blessing!

I will continue on my homework but i wanted to share just a few that came to mind on my drive home. What brings me pleasure: Intimacy with another spirit, it has given me new hope! The state of releasing emotion with love as a common bond. Tears, a way to water ones roots Christmas decorations on the streets and the festive love they represent. Healing happiness to you and your loved ones,


Making A Difference!


I can't even begin to thank you for what you are doing for me.

But I consider what you did for me to be a wonderful gift. And thank you for being so patient with me!

I really think those things you told me and pointed out to me are going to make a bigger difference in my life than anything I have gone through before.

Thank you. I'll get there. I just need to be patient with myself.

I hope you have a great Valentine's day!


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Turn Your LIfe Around!

I attended two workshops given by you in Miami and then my partner and I were blessed by your wisdom in two private sessions that completely turned our lives around. You have the compassion, the wisdom and the experience that it took to be a safe, steady teacher. You were there to help us with the the issues just as a true Tantra teacher should be. Anyone looking to find the true Tantric philosophy and to practice it daily can't go wrong with you.

Patrick and Maria

Sexual Healing

You recently brought about a profound sexual healing during a session I had with you. I'll be eternally grateful to you for opening my eyes to all that I can be and for your understanding of how past experiences can hinder a person's growth as a sexual being. You've helped me with a problem that traditional therapists haven't been able to resolve over six years. And you did it in just five hours!! Bless you, Shama.



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