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I offer private Tantra sessions for men, women, and couples and people in alternative lifestyles through which many have expanded their sexual energy into erotic, spiritual ecstasy. In working with you, it is my intention to help re-awaken the passion that was there at the beginning of your relationship, and to strengthen the depth and quality of intimacy in your connection.

My sessions will help you overcome many of the blocks that prevent reaching these states of bliss. We'll be looking at blocks caused by past events such as betrayal, abuse and abandonment which can create resistance to opening more fully to your partner. I'll ask you what you want to achieve and we'll place equal importance on what you feel comfortable with.

You'll learn to express your needs and desires to your partner in a safe, open, loving way. You will learn, or be reminded of, how to receive erotic pleasure, manage ejaculatory release for more extended lovemaking, and you'll learn how to experience multiple, full-body orgasms. Orgiastic energy has been proven to be a major catalyst to greater ecstasy, relaxation, overall health and well-being.

You will learn sensual levels of touching and kissing, while expanding your awareness of sexual energy exchange in a way that will create optimal pleasure. You can learn how to enjoy giving as well as receiving, allowing the energy to flow freely from the feminine to the masculine mode and vice-versa.

You'll learn how to dance in your loving with tenderness, warmth and passion through the Tantric Sacred Heart Connection. You'll learn techniques to expand and move sexual energy throughout your body and discover creative positions to add stimulating variety to your lovemaking. You'll exercise your PC muscles so that you can further intensify and extend both your orgasms as well as your partner's, and promote the health and vitality of your sexual organs. You'll learn how to communicate your wishes and love with your eyes, your hands, and your entire body, and take responsibility for your own pleasure.

The man can learn specific ways to manually stimulate the woman's yoni (vagina), including massaging her sacred spot (G-spot). The woman can learn how to give greater pleasure to her lover and how to massage the corresponding G-spot on a man (his prostate). I will teach you how to surrender to the giving partner.

You'll use meditation techniques to remain fully relaxed while in high states of arousal. There are no goals in Tantra other than staying present and open to each moment with full consciousness, embracing all sensations and feelings.

I am known for facilitating honest communication that will help you go deeper into intimacy with one another. Together we'll discover any unconscious reactions to fear that tend to sabotage relationships. You'll learn how to acknowledge fear of entrapment or abandonment, feelings of guilt, and issues of low self-esteem. I am committed to providing all the help you are open to receiving and I will help you find that open hearted space. In addition to teaching Tantric techniques to increase pleasure and achieve full-body orgasms I will use my knowledge, wisdom and compassion to help uncover and clear issues that might be blocking fulfillment on all levels of your lives.

I am available for private sessions in my beautiful studio in the borough of Van Nuys, in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles In addition, I often travel teaching workshops and for private sessions in cities all over the U.S. If you are interested in a remote visit, or in sponsoring one of my dynamic, life changing workshops, I would love to connect with you!


Playshop Sessions

I am available for private and phone sessions
daily from 11 AM to 11 PM.
(818) 317-3447

Please call to schedule your appointment a day or two in advance.
It is rare that I am available for same day calls.

For private sessions, our first meeting will begin with an hour-long, intimate interview. We go into deeper detail as to your goals, needs and desires in learning Tantra, as well as an overview of your sex history, highlighting hallmark moments. This helps me to determine how best to work with you, your level of expertise and consciousness, and whether special healing may be needed. I then will reveal my attitude and approach to Tantra in my work.

Instruction in Tantra is a deeply intimate exploration of your body, mind, spirit and sexuality so, it is important that we feel comfortable and resonant together in one another's company. If at this point, we decide to work together, we will discuss the best application of the teachings to help you reach your deepest, and most desired goals, etc.

In our first time together, you will receive personal counseling and intimate advice that you can apply to your life immediately, with dynamic results. You will also become an informed consumer and have a better idea of what Tantra is, how it will serve you, and what it is that you want in your teacher.

Often, people choose to combine the introductory session with the first 2-hour experiential playshop session, which is even more intimate, or we can set a new appointment for our next meeting.

The minimum for playshop sessions is two hours, as we will be working with some deep states of relaxation, and it takes a little time to get there. Often clients find that half day and full day sessions give them the most relaxed and expansive experiences and growth.

In these sessions you will be given some foundational teachings, along with some some tantric techniques and meditative experiences (with or without bodywork), and then we will have the opportunity to explore them together, so that you can have some practical experience and understanding for your practice at home. If needed, we may also choose some various kinds of healing work to help you move through any old traumas or limitations that may be interfering with your healthful expression. .
Subsequent sessions involve new experiences in the same format with experiential play together taking you deeper and further into the realms of bliss-filled living and sensual ecstacy. It is the most fun and dynamic learning and growth you will ever know!


Introductory Session: $100 - $250 per hour for Experiential Sessions (2 hour minimum)

Contact me:
Call at (818) 317-3447

Email:to set an appointment so that we can explore your goals and desires and co-create an approach designed especially for you.

Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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