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I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge of the Tantric path of bliss with you. Tantra is a spritual path of conscious living and loving that provides some powerful tools that have helped me to create the best life ever! And it is my greatest passion to share it with you.

The Tantric path holds myriad, wondrous gifts and attractions for each person. Therefore, while the simple and fun techniques are the same, my approach to sharing this ancient wisdom and my healing work is especially designed for each person according to their individual needs, issues, desires and goals.

What you will be experiencing with me is called "Neo-Tantra," or Western Tantra. It is a combination of ancient Tantric techniques combined with Western Psychology and Medical knowledge, as well as other influences from other esoteric traditions including Shamanism. I have many wonderful tools in my belt, which will be used as needed. Please feel free to select any of the specialty areas below for more specific information.


Although there are lots of great books out there, I think the experiential route is the only way to go. In Tantra, the experiences gained from the techniques is the real teacher that profers the wisdom, as you are ready for it, of the most personal value. Thus, my suggestion is to learn first through a teacher or classes, then after a strong foundation of personal experiential knowlege is created, then look to Tantric texts for validation and additional info. Tantra teaches you primarily through how your own being responds to the practices, just like discovering your own relationship to any endeavor whether it is a sport, or any other artful form of self-expression.

The word Tantra has become synonymous with spiritual sexuality, although there are actually 63 other "arts" in Tantra which include yoga, martial arts, flower arranging, food preparation and more. All of these "arts" are designed to help you to get into "the zone," which is that feeling where inspiration just flows through us, if we are smart enough to get out of the way. We all know that when we allow that flow, everything else seems to flow more easily, efficiently and pleasurably as well. The basic idea in many Tantric practices is to get out of the mind and into the body -- into the magick and power of the present moment where we can more easily access our connection to our Inner Guidance or Source the source of that purer inspiration.

Through Tantric sexual practices, we discover that by tuning within, we become more conscious of our inner truth, we learn how to feel more (essential for great sex), to more fully activate the senstivity of or bodies to intensify those feelings, and through that sensitivity we are more easily able to commune with our partners in every aspect of relationship.

In our sessions, I create an environment and the opportunity for you to have various Tantric experiences that will initiate you into a deeper understanding of your inner being, your unlimited capacity for pleasure, and uplevel your consciousness. Below are just a few of the types of experiences that are available.

Location: Van Nuys - near Kester and Sherman Way
Appointments: noon and 8:00 PM except Sundays - must arrange a day or two in advance. - For phone or in person sessions
Donation: $100 for individuals /$150 for couples for the intro session (required for all first timers)
$150 per hour - for individuals and couples - 2 hour minimum

Free Sessions available to those who are willing to share their recorded experience
Either in video or audio - we want to educate the public on this valuable healing work!

My intention is to offer Education, Coaching, Healing, and Transformational Experiences. No escort or surrage services offered.

Hot Tub Watsu - Allow yourself to let go and float in Shama's nurturing arms and touch, as she soothes and relaxes every muscle in the Temple's ever ready warm, secluded hot tub.   Ejaculatory Mastery - Learn how to be in total choice as to when you release plus full body and multiple orgasms just like your woman. Increase vitality and intensity of your feeling and pleasure.   Tickle Bath - A relaxing, soothing tantric body awakening with sensual thrills to energize and electrify your body and uplift your spirit. A pre-date favorite for stress release.  
Prostate Massage Ritual - Essential for prostate health. Experience the healing and surprising pleasure potential. Open and release tension and stress. Learn how to help your partner help you at home to maintain health.   Tantra Intro - Learn the basics that are the foundation for living and loving consciously. The Tantric tools: breath, sound, movement and focused attention are the keys to help relax, center, intensify feeling and extend orgasms. Learn by experience how the combination of these tools help to manage and enhance all aspects of your life!  

Partner Worship - Learn Tantric tools to experience, tantalize, treat and please your Partner that has him or her begging for more! Dive into your own passion to incite more passion in your partner as well. Tune in, tap in and turn on! More ways to make your life juicy.

G-Area Accupressure Ritual - Men can learn to facilitate. Women can experience transformative healing, emotional release and enhanced vitality and libido. Learn magickal techniques that will relax and open the pelvis and the heart of your lover..   Doubles Sessions - Available only with previous Tantric experience. If the energy with one is amazing, then two is even greater than the sum of their parts. Imagine more... four delightful hands caressing your body all at once and even more intensity. Double your pleasure, double the wisdom, double the bliss. Give yourself the gift of more.   Tantric Ritual Healing - Open your body, mind and soul to the healing power of Tantric and shamanic rituals. Pleasure is the key to remembering your true self and essence. Ritual is the pathway to the focus and power needed for transformation. Discover the truth within with help!  
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Contact me:
Call at (818) 317-3447

Email: for a session so that we can explore your goals and desires and co-create an approach designed especially for you. Please call to schedule a day or two in advance as I am rarely available for same day appointments.

Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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