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Sound Healing

Sound is another form of energy made tangible. Sound is a vibration that is energy-in-motion that changes air pressure, often percieved electronically as wave-form measured by its speed as frequency. When sound is directed at an object, the object responds in kind by resonating or vibrating in response. This vibration is also energy-in-motion wherein lesser density objects will show the effects of this vibration. When two frequencies are adjacent to one another, there will be created a third frequency resulting from the original two. If one frequency is higher than the other, than the fequency of the third resulting frequency will be the mid-range of the other two. Thus, a certain resonance is achieved that is a higher, less dense frequency than previously. This is the principle behind sound, color and crystal healing.

In our Tantra sessions, I encourage you to make sounds which will not only help to activate energy movement and orgasmic streaming, but it will also help to re-balance your body chemistry. I may also sound or tone on different parts of the body where energy feels stuck to help open certain areas for better energy movement and healing.

Sound is an essential component of our work together and is actually one of the main Tantric Tools that is a foundational element of Tantric Practice. In Tantra, the aspects of sound that are important for us are:

  Vibration - Expands Pleasure
  Moves Energy - essential to full body orgasm
  Gas Pedal - Pushes stuck energy


So get used to it. We will be making a lot of great sounds together. We're alive! Alive!


Contact me:
Call at (818) 317-3447

or Email: for a session so that we can explore your goals and desires and co-create an approach designed especially for you. Please call to schedule a day or two in advance as I am rarely available for same day appointments.

Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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