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What does shamanism have to do with Tantra?

Shamanism is the spiritual relationship of the few remaining indiginous cultures who still retain their sense of oneness and relationship to the multi-dimensionality of the Universe in which we live. These cultures have managed to maintain their awareness of their connection, not only to the physical experienced through the five senses we acknowledge in modern culture, but also the intangible, such as our connection to other dimensions and the cosmos, in Spanish, called "the Nagual" (anything beyond the five main senses). Often the Shaman will use psychoactive substances to facilitate his communion with these other dimensions for healing, prophesy, and more. The tools of the shaman include rituals and ceremonies that include symbolic acts to shift consciousness, attitudes and beliefs that aid in aligning the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual/sexual aspects of the human to enable not only physical healing, but spiritual and psychic healing as well as knowledge.

Tantric practices also enable access to these other dimensions through the ecstatic states generated in meditation and sensual/sexual ecstacy which raise the frequency of the body and enable higher states of consciousness and enlightenment. From the place of joy and pleasure, centeredness and love, it is asserted that the quality of our decision making is enhanced in power and quality to effect more profound and positive change.

Having studied both areas, i have found them to be extraordinarily compatible and supportive of one another. I use many of the general and sexual teachings and rituals in my sessions. Tantra embraces all of creation and experience that helps us to integrate our physical and spiritual natures empowering us to better express the fullness of our Divine nature. Shamanism offers another piece of the pie in that it delves into embracing the consciousness of our connection with multi-dimensional physical Universe in a slightly different attitude and approach. As I write this, I am finding that at this moment, it is difficult to define. However, I can say that as a person that has approached life kind of from the top down (spiritual to physical rather than physical to spiritual), I have found that it has enabled me to become more grounded and practical, more sensual and "earthy" in ways that have been exceedingly beneficial to my personal balance.

As a founding member of the Wild Rose Dreamer's Lodge (, my Partner, Lyn Hopkins and I offer these shamanic teachings through Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, Vision Quest Rituals and weekly Shamanic classes. If this is an area of study that intrigues you, I encourage you to check it out at the site listed above.

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