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I offer hypnosis as a tool in all my sessions, as appropriate, and as a stand-alone approach that has proven helpful in many diverse instances: for healing, for behavior change, for exploration of consciousness, inner experiential journeys, painless childbirth, bio-feedback, divination and more. There is no extra charge when this tool is included in any other type of session. Sessions that are dedicated to hypnotherapy only are also available.

Hypnotherapy only sessions: $150 per hour

Types Of Hypnotherapy Sessions

I have listed some types of sessions that are commonly requested. Often the types of sessions mentioned below are combined in one session as needed. This is only a partial list of the types of sessions available, so please ask if what you are seeking is missing below:


Programming Health - hypnotic suggestions to improve thought and emotional pathways to good health

Root Cause Regressions - discovering and evaluating core beliefs related to physical "dis-ease" and re-writing the ones that don't work.

Personalities Conferencing - creating an inner meeting between pertinent aspects of the self to understand health needs and negotiate for harmonic coordination for desired change.

Addictions Repatterning: drugs, smoking, eating, sex, etc;A holistic approach

Weight Management - a holistic approach to aligning beliefs about weight, food and eating with your desired goal.

Stress Management - techniques for relaxation and managing stressful situations.


Chord Cutting - an inner journey and tool to symbolically identify and release detrimental interactive dynamics with others.

Past Life Regressions - An inner journey going back in time to previous lifetimes to expand self-awareness.

Personalities Conferencing - creating an inner meeting between pertinent aspects of the self to understand conflicting intentions and negotiate for greater inner harmony and coordination for desired change.

Future Life Progressions - An inner journey going forward in time to probable futures to explore outcomes of choices. Also a tool of reverse-engineering by going to the future to discover how to get where you want to go.

Creating a New Reality - an inner journey re-writing your life script to create the reality desired and exploring your new world to align with it.

Meeting Your Higher Self - A key to aligning with your destiny and your life dreams is connecting more consciously with the aspect of yourself that is beyond the focus in physical reality for guidance, help and support.

Meeting Your Spirit Guides - Spirit Guides come from many dimensions, some angelic, some ancestral, others dear, departed friends from this world and alternate worlds. This inner journey will help you to identify, contact and create an ongoing connection as desired with the entites that have dedicated themselves to helping you in your current life.

Entity Release Work - During times of great emotional or physical stress, we may become vulnerable to snippets of consciousness, or lost entities that may become attracted to our sympathetic vibe and attach themselves to us. Sometimes a dying relative afraid of death may not transition to the other reality properly and attach to us to avoid it or to complete some perceived unfinished business. This inner journey helps them to understand their circumstances and to support their full transition process.

What is Hypnotherapy?

The art of hypnotherapy is an ancient practice that began in shamanism and ancient escoteric teachings from numerous cultures. Over the ages, it has evolved exponentially and proven to be impressively effective as a tool for positive change, healing, bio-feedback and divination.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that we all experience naturally and often in our daily lives. Perhaps you have experienced being "mezmerized" bya television show , deep involvement in reading a book, or when lost deep in thought such as when driving - and you don't really remember the journey from point a to B. In these states, you may have experienced that while aware of your surroundings and able to respond to any emergency, you are more present in the moment, deeply connected with whatever has your attention to the relative exclusion of all unnecessary outside stimulus. It is a state of intense focused attention, coupled with deep relaxation.

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness that is different from a normal "conscious" or Beta state. In hypnotic states, the brain wave patterns are usually identified with an increase in Delta waves and some Delta activity while the Beta activity ebbs. In English, this means that our normal waking state, "Beta," in which we are wide awake, alert, focused, with complex mental processing abilities, and strong physical and mental performance, diminshes when in hypnotic trance or "Alpha" brainwave states.

Hypnotic trance states are defined as a state of deep relaxation with enhanced awareness, wherein there is reduced mobility, quieted mind activity, inward focus, calmness, deep breathing, yet still retaining mental coordination and resourcefullness. Psychologists say that in Alpha states, the conscious mind goes to "sleep" and the subconscious mind becomes accessible. The subconscious, is a level of our mind that is benath the surface of the conscious mind, with its functioning runnning on a more subliminal, less conscious level. Among it's many functions,t he subconscious is in charge of our more automatic/programmed functions including the autonomic nervous system such as our breathing, heartbeat, and other natural bodily functions. Also, within the subconscious mind resides many patterned (or habitual) behaviors which include remembering how to drive, tie shoes, dance steps, in addition to reactive behaviors developed in the course of life experience in order to defend the self; also known as defense mechanisms. Many of these patterned behaviors work very well for us. And some, that may or may not have served us well, are currently counter-productive.

In hypnotic states, our subconscious mind becomes accessible to exploration, examination, management, and editing. We can journey into the inner experience of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and percecptions that color our world to see which are serving us and which are not. As we do so they become conscious and something we can now work with to create the kinds of changes we desire.

Beliefs are decisions that we have made about the "way things are/work" or the nature of reality. These beliefs are the structure through which we understand and navigate physical reality. These beliefs are the filter we use to color our attitudes, perceptions, decisions, and actions in relationship to that reality. Many of these beliefs were taught to us by our parents and other authority figures garnered before the age of mature reason in chidhood; some were decisions we may have made in the due course of the circumstances of our life experience - for many of which we may have little or no conscious awareness. And yet, over time, these beliefs become a deeply ingrained under-current forming part of the foundation or basis of each person's understanding of physical reality. Subconscious beliefs are those beliefs of which we may be totally unaware, and yet because of decisions made as a result of some experiences, beliefs about how the world works are formed beneath the surface that are actually running our lives without conscious awareness that may be very innaccurate and inappropriate to our current lives.. Hypnotherapy is a tool that enables practitioners to access the subconscious so that these beliefs and programs can be brought to conscious awareness for examination and re-writing.

How Can Hypnosis Help?

For instance, a person may have decided that dogs are untrustworthy due to a bad experience such as having been bitten badly in childhood, with no conscious memory of the incident. From an unconscious belief that dogs are untrustworthy, this person may deem dogs as a threat and so will develop reactions and patterns of behaviour in order to protect against a preceived harm. This can manifest in many ways; such as varying degrees of fear reactions; a dislike for dogs; unsconscious avoidance techniques, etc. And the person may have no clue about the reasons why.

It is possible to change behavior reactions through cognitive, or conscious methods. However, often, these deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns affect not only one aspect of our experience, but they can permeate many other seemingly unrelated areas. It can occur that if we experience another stimulus that causes an emotional response that feels even "similar" to something we have previously experienced, we may subconscously create a link between the two incidents. In so doing, the reactive pattern we developed to protect against threat, may be applied to the newer type of experience as well. This can happen over and over again, for anything the psyche deems relatable, without our conscious knowlege. For instance, a fear reaction to dogs, may be also applied to anything that "barks like a dog," so that any loud noise becomes terrifying. Psychologists often describe this as a "peeling of the onion" or like a root system with ever widening threads connectingand inter-relating many different aspects of our psyche.

With hypnosis, it is easier locate the "root" of the trauma, so that we can uncover the belief operating as the basis for decisions and behaviors subconsciously programmed stemming from those beliefs, which may be helpful in unwinding the links to the many and subconsciously related experiences.Thence, if we can explore the basis for the patterns of behavior by examining the basic belief structures from which those behaviors stem, it is possible to re-asses that belief, determine if it is accurate, from our more adult perspective, and re-write that belief according to what is known from a more mature perspective. From there, the patterns and reactions can be re-written as well to better serve the new awareness and have a far more sweeping effect than working on amending one, symptomatic behavior.

Therefore, it is important to look at beliefs a little differently. In the past, I thought that what I was taught to believe were tantamount to natual laws - unchangeable and irrefutable. Many have died for their beliefs, yet, as we are discovering through Science, beliefs need to be re-asssessed continually as we expand our understanding. For those who hold onto beliefs very tightly, it can be quite disturbing at first to learn that some deeply held belief is inaccurate. Those foundational beliefs, when highlighted for change, can literally "rock your world," like some sort of inner earthquake that can be dramatically disorienting. Having had many of these experiences myself, i have learned to understand that my beliefs are merely a level of understanding and perspective that are the current structure that helps me to move around in the world as I understand it, until my understanding changes. And so now, when I find a belief needs amending, these feelings of disorientation are not so earth-shattering, and it is easier to re-adjust and re-orient much more quickly.

Change your thoughts and change your life! This is the promise of hypnosis.

All that is needed for a successful hypnotic experience on your part is the desire to engage in the practice, an open mind -- and when working with a trained professional, trust between the two parties and clear agreements about their intentions beforehand. Know also that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, and so audio forms or reinforcement listened to daily along with whatever other exercises as may be assigned will assure success of your new program.

With over 20 years experience as a Hypnotherapist, Shama was trained as a certifiied Clinical Hypnotherapist through the Association of Hypnotherapist Examiners. She has had varied continuing education and training in many areas of expertise including Transforming Hyonotherrapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Painless Childbirth techniques, Past and Future Life Healing, Entity Release Work, Shamanic and Hypnotic Journey Work, Emotional Release Work and more.

Contact me:
Call at (818) 317-3447

Email:to set an appointment so that we can explore your goals and desires and co-create an approach designed especially for you.

Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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