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Energy Healing

In Tantra, we learn how to activate and experience the energetic/orgasmic component of our biology in new and powerful ways. In addition to full-body orgasmic energy streaming, the power we have in our hands to transmit and share energy for healing and re-balancing is only beginning to be understood. While it cannot be seen by the naked eye, it is certainly palpable.

Once the body and mind are relaxed, and brought gently and lovingly into the present moment, the power of energetic healing can be profoundly felt. When the person receiving the energy uses the Tantric Tools, they are better able to help themselves by joining with the hands and heart of the healer in moving blocked energy through the stuck places -- and often this results in some wonderful full-body orgasmic energy streaming as well -- for one or both the receiver and the healer as well. It certainly makes it a lot more fun!

Actually, any movement of energy in the body definitely has healing properties, whether it is an orgasm, the tingle of energetic touch, or hands-on-healing. As we are actually spirit in human form, the essence of our physical bodies is pure energy densified. Energy is the essence of all creation, and energy-in-motion is the essence of our aliveness. The rate of that movement is called frequency. The higher the frequency, the lesser the density and the smaller the wave form. This means that energy movement is faster and easier -- and that's a good thing! It means better health, well-being and higher consciousness.

During our Tantra sessions, you will be learning how to consciously activate and move and share energy in some ways that will enhance every aspect of your life. From learning how to activate various parts of your being for specific purposes (both sexual and non-sexual), to intensifying your sensual and sexual experience. These skills will empower you to consciously manage your energy in every facet of your life. You learn how to set the tone of your day, your mood, and your attitude and approach to every situation that you may encounter. You now have the tools to begin the journey of conscious living and loving!



Contact me:
Call at (818) 317-3447

or Email: for a session so that we can explore your goals and desires and co-create an approach designed especially for you. Please call to schedule a day or two in advance as I am rarely available for same day appointments.

Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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