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Emotional Release

As we begin to activate our bodies and energy centers through Tantric practices, it is likely that some old wounds and stuffed emotions that have been stored in the body may be re-activated as well. While challenging to experience, these old emotions are a great opportunity to redress, release pent up energy, and heal the old wounds from childhood and beyond.

I have studied various modalities in order to honor and help heal these old wounds as they present themselves which have proven to be very successful. Using the tools of Hypnotherapy, re-birthing, sound expression and other healing rituals, we can face these old demons and transform them into allies that enable us to better understand and consciously create new patterns to replace them that better fit our current experience.

Emotions are considered to be an important guiding post for making life choices. Does it feel good? Or does it feel bad? Most of us stuff the bad feelings in favor of being "nice" or a "good person." We have been taught to distrust our feelings and to override them in favor of environmental training, thereby dishonoring ourselves which creates pain. These emotions then fester and create disease. This is why we often see "good people" with cancer and other horrible ailments they seem not to deserve. Actually, these dark emotions are the source of much of our personal power that we have rejected. These feelings don't go away and even though we may keep them at bay, it takes a lot of energy to keep them there.

However, when we feel overcome by painful emotion, often we may find that we may have lost some level of our sanity, and we react by falling into old coping mechanisms (patterns or "programs") that are likely based on the past and usually immature as well. These types of reactions are fueled by the pent up energy/pain from the past that is released with an impressive force. Emotionally, we are really back into the past, and not responding clearly to the present moment. These are literally moments of insanity where reasoning and interaction are bereft.

However, these darker emotions are are part of who we are and must be expressed. How can we do this without damaging our relationships? Often, it is a better idea to do this with a facilitator to avoid dumping our bad feelings on others. For although we may be triggered by others, most of our pain is the result of what we are doing to ourselves anyway. Once we are able to constructively release the "charge" of the pain, then we gain a certain clarity, much like the quiet after the storm. From this clarity, then we can determine what needs that have not been met, so that we can approach others from our power and compassion to address the issue and make any requests necessary, without blame and shame.

It is important to note that many behaviors that have resulted from defensive reactions from the past did truly serve us then, but just need to be adjusted or updated for our more mature and adult life. In Tantra, we encourage practitioners to honor their past, and avoid negative judgements on these old behaviors. Rather, we see these behavoirs as merely needing adjustment for a more mature consciousness. After all, these behaviors have gotten us thus far successfully. We are grateful for that, and then release them in favor of more appropriate new intentions for the next phase of life.

We must learn to honor our inner truth and treat ourselves with loving compassion. We need to find outlets that are authentic, honoring of our feelings and constructive. In my sessions, I encourage my clients to tune into these feelings and express them in ways that reveal unconscious patterns, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions, and support them in re-accessing this powerful energy in constructive ways to fuel their journey in life.

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