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I have been a teacher of the Tantric art of conscious loving for over a decade, and I am still learning more to share with you!

I think we can always improve on a good thing and Tantra has shown me that our capacity for pleasure is unlimited!
I can't think of any better frontier to explore!

What is Tantra

Tantra IS the User's Manual for optimal living in a body on this planet!

And you thought it was just about sex!

If you are interested in learning how to consciously create the best, most effective results and experiences in every aspect of your life, Tantra is the technology, the attitude and approach, and the most fun way I know to make that happen!

Life is all about relationships. How are yours working for you? I'll be some are working great and there are others that could use a little tweaking!

The fact is that, no matter how great we are in any area of our lives, there is always more to learn.

With Tantric tools and teachings, you can learn how to more consciously activate and optimize every aspect of yourself so that what you bring to any moment in any part of your life is the best you possible!

Physically... Mentally... Emotionally... Sexually... Spiritually!

Short Definition of Tantra

Tantra is both a science and an art that originates from ancient knowledge in East India, Tibet, Egypt, and China. It is a spiritual path focusing on the power of our creative life force that we commonly refer to as sexual energy. Tantra offers techniques to enhance arousal and one's love making skills, as well as one's entire life, through a deeper understanding and mastery of our life force/libido.

Tantra is a form of yoga that offers a philosophy and practices showing how to generate, enhance and consciously direct life force energy that can awaken, arouse, enlighten, and heal the self and others.

Tantra literally means weaving together the polarities of the male and female forces. Through tantric synergistic union, we create harmony and balance to all aspects of the human psyche, mind and body.

Primarily, Tantra is a path of the heart and a path of pleasure. It is about loving the self enough to create a life of deep enjoyment by consciously intending and choosing actions and activities that bring the greatest pleasure and nurturance to the soul. It is also a path of joyous service from whence the giving comes from a cup that is therefore always consciously kept full
and overflowing!

Through sacred sex, Tantra teaches fine and sophisticated arts of giving and receiving optimum pleasure for the self and partner -- thereby achieving transcendence, or union with
higher sates of consciousness, through sexual pleasure and extended orgasm. In orgasm we are truly in the moment - in the place of no mind through which we are the most receptive to our natural bliss - aligned with the high frequency of divine energy and enlightenment.

Tantra teaches that through an in-depth awareness of all aspects of the self, and also through appreciating, honoring, adoring and worshiping your partner
, one can find and allow the power of that pure love light to shine forth from within to brighten and bring more joy to the world.

The Path of Pleasure

Tantra suggests that love and pleasure is the best vehicle to create more of the life that we want.

We all know that our basic nature is to move towards pleasure - away from pain. Tantra says, “duh!” So why are we not making more of our choices based on what gives us pleasure? When we are fully fed, satiated and well nurtured, we are certainly more pleasant to be around and effective. Have you ever noticed how your patience level diminishes when you have had too little sleep, but your day goes so much better when you have had a blissful, restful night?

Tantra suggests an enlightened form of self full-ness. This is a form of loving the self. We are the only one’s who really know what we want from life and love – and as an adult, we are the only one’s truly responsible for making sure that we get that! In doing so, we have an overflowing bounty of loving energy from which to give to others. We are thus no longer bound in any way by fear of lack in our personal experience and we can give so much more freely with joy! And if we love ourselves well, we also have more centered and clear love to share.

The Tantric Relationship

A Tantric relationship is one in which both partners live their lives according to Tantric philosophy: choosing to see, love, and honor each other as the embodiment of their best selves - invoking the highest spiritual enlightenment in one another, consciously creating their lives and union based on unconditional love, mutual support, allowing, and receiving. Their choices are based on the highest expressions of loving, pleasure, and freedom, while supporting each other's spiritual journeys, growth and joy as much as they can!

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